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Do you love having your guests over for barbeques, cookouts, and celebrations? Utilizing your outdoor space is necessary for larger parties but it’s not always ideal, especially if you have a small backyard and your celebration continues into the chilly night. Bromic Heating USA has the perfect product solution for you. Bromic Heating was born out of the core technical expertise and commercial capabilities of the Bromic gas and components businesses. Bromic’s experienced engineering and sales teams have enabled the development of market-changing outdoor radiant heating solutions. The business commenced this revolution of outdoor heating with the introduction of the Platinum Smart-Heat Gas range in 2007 and since then has expanded the product range to include several other gas and electric outdoor heating options.

Wall and ceiling heaters mount to almost all pillars, walls, and ceilings. These products are ideal for those who have smaller backyards and limited outdoor space. By installing a ceiling heater, you are opening your patio up for late night festivities and parties. Keeping your family, friends, and guests warm during brisk evenings is important, and by installing wall and ceiling heaters, you are doing just that! Wall or ceiling heaters are ideal when homeowners have limited space. These patio heaters are installed off the ground in order to keep traffic areas open so that guests can mingle while staying warm under the stars. Ceiling and wall patio heaters can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.

Bromic Heaters produce heaters that address maximum heat efficiency, usability, and aesthetic appearance. By utilizing their new and innovative technology, Bromic makes sure that your patio heater produces comforting heat to you and your guests in cold outdoor areas.



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