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Fuel Source Electric: Safe for indoors and outdoors. Requires less maintenance. odorless with no emissions. Propane: Produces about 2.5 time more thermal energy vs. Natural Gas. Natural Gas: More convenient for municipalities that have Natural Gas delivered to the home.
Voltage Rating Select the type of voltage your products are rated for. This is not light bulb wattage.

Accessories/Replacement Parts:

It’s finally that time of year again - Time to take out the patio umbrellas, patio heaters, and other outdoor patio supplies. But what happens every single year? When you take out your patio supplies, you always seem to misplace a key element, or you find that your product needs a little updating. Don’t let the frustration get to you! Instead, browse through our large collection of patio heater accessories and simply replace the missing element.

Avoid all the hassle and get your patio to tip top shape through our products at Bromic Heating USA. We have a plethora of patio heater accessories that will assist you with any problem that you may have. If you misplace your patio heater remote, just like you do the television remote, then browse through our selections to replace the missing link! Bromic Heating USA also offers electric heater parts like main control boxes or post arms and pole mounts for your patio heater. We have almost every heater accessory that you can imagine! This includes patio heater covers which are an important accessory to have because it extends the life and quality of your patio heater.

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