Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric Series

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  • Bromic - Platinum Gas & Propane Heaters

Bromic Tungsten Electric Heaters

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Smart-Heat Electric
Series Features
  • Frosted Infrared tube Heating Elements Emit Warm Amber Glow – No harsh Glare
  • Wall & Ceiling Mounting Options Allow For Adjustable Angle of the Direction
  • Heaters are Equipped with a Special Reflector for Excellent Radiant Heat Output and are Weatherproof
  • Tamper-Proof Electrical Wiring Enclosed
  • Available in 4 Different Models
Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric Heaters
About Smart-Heat Electric

Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric wall heaters are versatile heating solutions that can be installed indoors or outdoors where space is at a premium. Electric heaters extend the use of your indoor spaces and outdoor entertaining areas. With increasing affordability, electric heaters are fast growing in popularity for both domestic and commercial venues. Electric wall heaters from Bromic require very little maintenance and are designed specifically to blend into a venue and use minimal space. The Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric is stylish as well as functional; the streamlined design and stainless steel look integrates seamlessly with your interior or outdoor design. The Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric wall heaters can be easily mounted unobtrusively on walls, under ceilings and awnings or certain umbrellas. The Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric comes available in 2,000 Watt, 3,000 Watt, 4,000 Watt, and 6,000 Watt.