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Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas Heaters

Bromic Smart-Heat Heaters

The patented direct ignition system, never before seen on an outdoor gas radiant heater, ensures a reliable start and effective operation, even in winds of up to 12km/h. The Tungsten Smart-Heat comes in an attractive black finish. Its universal bracket makes it easy to upgrade from 3-burners to 5-burners with no additional plumbing or wiring. Multiple units can be switched on and off simultaneously from a single remote-located switch. The Tungsten Smart-Heat units are wind resistant to 8 mph. The Tungsten Smart-Heat can be run on propane and natural gas. Should the gas heater not re-ignite for any reason, the integrated “Flame Failure Safety Shut-off Control” turns the heater off immediately. Available in two sizes 300 series (26,000 BTU’s) and 500 series (43,000.).

Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Gas Heater BH0510001

Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Heater

Featuring a distinctive and multi-award winning ‘wave form’ design, Tungsten Smart-Heat™ portable propane gas patio heaters truly deliver performance, durability and elegance in one very attractive and highly mobile solution.

  • Heat Output – Coverage of up to 180ft² it delivers a widespread heat field of up to 12ft wide and 15ft deep.
  • Versatility – Unique adjustable heat control ensures comfortable heat.
  • Efficiency: High intensity ceramic burner, delivering optimal heat with minimal heat loss
  • Wind Resistance: Specifically built patented technology that provides constant and consistent heat in any environment
  • Directional Heat: Innovative adjustable tilting head ensures warmth goes exactly where you want it
  • Modular Design:Functional and pragmatic, the it can easily be assembled, dismantled and stored
  • Manoeuvrability: Anti-tilt structure with built-in wheels for easy movement

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Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Gas Heaters

Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Heaters

Innovation meets aesthetics, to bring you a powerful range of heaters that re-defines the world of heating. Patented Platinum Smart-Heat provides benefits never before seen in outdoor gas radiant heaters. The brushed stainless steel and ceramic medium makes Platinum Smart-Heat suitable for the most exclusive commercial or outdoor home environments. By protecting the tiles behind its translucent ceramic medium, effective heat is guaranteed in winds of up to 18km/h. Each Platinum Smart-Heat unit comes with an Easy Pivot Arm bracket that allows for direction of heat to be adjusted providing greater versatility and heat coverage. The Platinum Smart-Heat has the highest level of wind resistance, up to 11 mph. The Platinum Smart-Heat is available in two sizes a 300 series (23,600 BTU’s) and a 500 series (39,600 BTU’s). The Platinum Smart-Heat is available in propane and natural gas.

Bromic Tungsten Electric Single Element Heaters

Tungsten Electric Single Element Heaters

High performance outdoor heaters which deliver a stylish industrial aesthetic with their robust chassis design, the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric series provides superior comfort – with the comfort of a lifetime element warranty. Featuring an extended body and heat reflector, the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric outdoor heater series puts out a wide wall of warmth which covers a vast footprint. Offering 4 models with heat outputs of up to 6kW, Bromic’s Tungsten electric units emit minimal light and provide a scalable solution wherever a bespoke heating system is required.

Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Heater BH0320003

Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Heater

The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric excels in efficiency, packing high performance into a sleek package to suit high-end settings. Designed specifically with low-clearance, semi-enclosed and aesthetically-focused spaces in mind, this heater minimizes light to blend seamlessly into rooflines with the aid of recess kits or stylishly mount to a number of other surfaces, including the underside of umbrellas!

  • Tinted Glass-Ceramic Screen: The Platinum’s signature screen spreads comfort evenly across an area while minimizing light emission
  • Wafer-Thin Design: Wall, ceiling and flush-mounting options allow subtle placement of this compact heater practically anywhere!
  • Subtle Aesthetics: Elegantly understated to create comfort while blending into the environment
  • Precise Directional Heating: Accurately alter coverage through simple bracket adjustment
  • Ultra-Durable Design: Stainless steel construction ensures reliable heating for years to come
  • Tight Space Specialist: Minimal vertical clearance requirements and a multitude of mounting options offers versatility to a variety of enclosed outdoor areas
  • Ease Of Use: Single switch activation and smart control compatibility creates set-and-forget simplicity
  • Wireless Control Capabilities: Genuine wireless control accessories allow seamless integration of remote heating output adjustment
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