Platinum SMART-HEAT Gas Series

Stainless Steel Chassis for a Premium Feel

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Innovation meets aesthetics, to bring you a powerful range of heaters that re-defines the world of heating. Patented Platinum Smart-Heat provides benefits never before seen in outdoor gas radiant heaters. The brushed stainless steel and ceramic medium makes Platinum Smart-Heat suitable for the most exclusive commercial or outdoor home environments.

By protecting the tiles behind its translucent ceramic medium, effective heat is guaranteed in winds of up to 18km/h. Each Platinum Smart-Heat unit comes with an Easy Pivot Arm bracket that allows for direction of heat to be adjusted providing greater versatility and heat coverage. The Platinum Smart-Heat has the highest level of wind resistance, up to 11 mph. The Platinum Smart-Heat is available in two sizes a 300 series (23,600 BTU’s) and a 500 series (39,600 BTU’s). The Platinum Smart-Heat is available in propane and natural gas.

Bromic Platinum Heater 300



23,600 BTU Output
160 ft 2 Heat Range
22.1" x 16.6" x 15.9"
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Bromic Platinum Heater 500



39,800 BTU Output
215 ft 2 Heat Range
29.8" x 16.6" x 15.9"
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Bromic Platinum Gas Retailer

Tinted Glass-Ceramic Screen
The signature screen of the Platinum series spreads comfort evenly across a large area while emitting an equally comforting, soft red glow.

Ceramic Efficiency
The slow-release ceramic burners are not only supremely efficient but are also the most environmentally friendly gas-fired heating method available.

Elegant Design
Designed with beauty and elegance in mind, Bromic Platinum gas heaters perform perfectly whether you choose to make them a feature or have them blend seamlessly into the background.

Automatic Re-ignition
An integrated “Flame Failure Safety Shut-off Control” turns the heater off immediately should it not re-ignite for any reason.

Wireless Control Capabilities
Comfort and convenience combine, with genuine wireless control accessories providing seamless integration of remote heater control.

Ease Of Use
Enjoy set-and-forget simplicity with the Tungsten series’ smart system compatibility and automated re-ignition.

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